How to kickstart your business into

life with new customers.

Shops were empty. Shutters bolted down. Closed signs permanently on display.


This is what I saw walking through Paignton high-street last Sunday. 


Some businesses were on the brink of losing it all. 


Some had lost it all. 


COVID-19 has really hit us all hard. Business owners are under pressure to keep their doors open, trying to convince customers to come and visit their hotels, cafe, gyms or offices.

But what if they could have avoided that? More on that shortly...




People are wary, and they should be.


Coronavirus is no joke and it shouldn’t be treated like one.


People don’t want to go to brick and mortar anything because how can they be sure that they will be safe?


Your customers want to know that they will be safe and it’s your job to do that. 


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn't want to go to a gym to use the weights knowing that the people before have touched them. 


That would put me off going in the first place.


“But I have all these things in place to keep my business clean!"


Great, but you need to tell them how you are doing that.


So how are you going to do that? 


What one thing can get your business in front of people, showing that you are caring about them, doing your best to protect them and your staff without having to see them in person?


That’s right, the Internet.


Social media is a valuable tool to get your business in front of your customers, and now, more than ever, it has become necessary for businesses to survive.


Not just by pivoting and taking your business online, but telling your customers that you are open for business and you are doing all you can to keep your customers safe.




Now is the time to get your marketing caps on and get your customers coming through the door.


But to do that, you need tools. Tools that share your message in the right way, entice your customers back to what you offer and show them that they are going to be safe.


That’s why I’ve created this package, for people just like you.

The COVID-SECURE media package is designed to get business like you own back on their feet so they can thrive once again.


You will get:


  • 1-2 minute 'reopening with Coronavirus prevention’ video showing your business and it’s COVID-19 prevention in full. It will show what services you have available and what measures you are taking to make sure that you are following the NHS and government guidelines regarding the Coronavirus. With voiceover, talking head, or text-based presentation, this video can fit anyone’s confidence on camera (worth: £897)


  • 5 social content videos that each shares a point about how you are following the NHS guidelines. These also link back to the main video so people can see the full extent of your COVID-19 prevention (worth: £497)


  • 10 photos with graphics for continued update of reopening and to show that you follow guidelines (worth: £497)


In addition to those epic pieces of content, I will also hand you these awesome bonuses:


  • Captions for the social media posts to help clearly define what you are doing to keep your customers and your staff safe and what your policies are. They take the stress off of you so you don’t have to worry about covering everything you need to in the caption (worth: £297)


  • Content strategy to effectively share your content on social media, so that there is no more worrying that your content will be put in front of the right people (Worth: £497)


  • Fully-licensed, royalty-free music to prevent blocking uploads on social media (worth: £49)


  • Turn-around time of 2 days so that you aren’t waiting around and you can start to implement and getting people through your door in no time (worth: Priceless)

Hi, I'm Luke!

I’m a guy that wants to help businesses to succeed and make them money. I just happen to do it with a camera and a laptop.

Over the past few years, I’ve regularly worked with the likes of Plymouth Argyle Football Club, Radio 1Xtra DJs at festivals such as MTV Crashes, NASS and Boardmasters, the team behind number 1 best-selling book 'Your Success', as well as producing interviews with Grant Cardone, as well as a plethora of incredible small businesses around the country.


I have helped these businesses grow their brand and succeed, and I want to do the same for you.





Now, you’re probably thinking this is going to cost an arm and a leg, right? 


Well, as an introductory package and an effort to help businesses get back off the ground, the cost is only: 




That’s a £2724 package for only £497.


However, there’s a price to the success of these packages, I only have 10 spots available each month. 


One more thing, this price won't stay the same for long.


It's going to be increasing very soon and the more people that sign up, the faster this price increases.

So don't wait around. 




If the words “Where the heck do I sign up?!” (or something to that effect) come to mind, then you’re in luck.


All you have to do is click the link below and book a completely zero-obligation discovery call with me to see how this package can benefit your business.

If we decide the puzzle fits, we’ll go ahead and get it booked in. That simple.




To round-up: 


That’s 6 customer-converting videos, 10 eye-catching images, an effective content strategy, engaging content copy and professionally-produced music, all for £497. Not bad, right!